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Student Visa

Student Visa

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Overall, Australia’s education as a whole is ranked in the top 10 countries in the world. Therefore, people all around the world tend to see Australia as a country of destination for education. Hence, the Australian Student visa is a very popular visa option for overseas people.

Basic Eligibility

In general, the main requirements of the Student visa include:

  • English level
  • Genuine temporary en​trant
  • Financial capacity

Firstly, the applicant may need to satisfy the English requirement unless an exemption applies. To satisfy this English requirement, the applicant will need to obtain the following English overall band score:

  • 5.5
  • 5.0 with at least 10 weeks of ELICOS
  • 4.5 with at least 20 weeks of ELICOS

The applicant must have taken the English language test in the two years before making the visa application.

Secondly, the applicant needs to show he or she is a genuine temporary entrant or a genuine visitor.

Furthermore, the applicant needs to provide a statement to address his or her personal situation for choosing the proposed study in Australia. The following information will also be required:

  • Details of previous study and any gaps in study
  • Current employment
  • Qualifications completed
  • Ties to home country
  • Economic situation in home country or country of residence
  • Employment in a third country
  • Potential situation in Australia
  • Value of the course in the future
  • Immigration history

Thirdly, for financial capacity, the applicant must provide either:

  • evidence of enough funds to cover travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees for the applicant and any accompanying family members and school costs for any school aged dependants
  • evidence that any spouse or the parents are willing to provide support and have an annual income of at least AUD 60,000 for single students or at least AUD 70,000 for students that are accompanied by family members
  • an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Students form for secondary exchange students only

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Student Visa

Student visa (500)
Base application charge
Additional application charge (18 and over)
Additional application charge (under 18)